Facebook gets 419’d!

This past week, my visits to Facebook marketplace has been accosted with 100’s of users selling their luxury electronic goods for dirt cheap.

Now it may seem overly tempting to click on the page and contact the person, but if you take a moment to check out this persons profile, this person seems to be:

a. Selling a lot of electronics. CHEAP. Dirt Cheap.(if it’s too good to be true…)

b. their profile shows that they’ve joined a lot of networks and left them. Really fast.

For the sake of facebook not turning into another 419 swamp(for those who care), Please report the item and the person’s profile should you chance upon this.

It is interesting to see how facebook will come up with their own mechanisms to block out these 419ers

UPDATE – Jan 27th – Facebook has been blocking people from changing their network all too often. It seems like you can only change your networks once a week now. This might deter any scammers from using the marketplace service as much as they would like.


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