Kuwait – How – to – apply for a civil id renewal if you lose it.

What you need – a copy of your passport, pictures(just in case), shoon, your company’s registration. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a police report to apply for the id if you lose it. However, I think it’s prudent to report it as lost just in case. (you can do this by going to any police station for your governate area, EARLY in the morning and fill out a report with the cop)

Go to the civil id office early in the morning again.  Get your ticket.

Once you are at the counter inside, tell the person that you have lost your id.  He/she will scan your passport for you and ask you to pay KD 10 for the new card. You also have an option to pay an extra kd to receive a new temporary sheet of paper that serves as your civil Id. ( I suggest that you get this because it takes 60 days to get a new civil id card. Also, this  sheet of paper shows when your civil id will be ready next).

When you go onto the PACI website after around 60 days, it will show you whether your card is ready or not.

When you pick up your civil id, it’s the same process. However,  you don’t have to pay KD 2 this time.


4 Responses to Kuwait – How – to – apply for a civil id renewal if you lose it.

  1. Ali says:


    Can you please advise me on the following:

    I have lost my civil id and my residence has also expired. Is it possible to renew my residence without the id?


    PS: Please if anyone is kind enough to let me know the answer please write to my email address rambo196@hotmail.com

  2. joshy says:

    I want to know , a person reported paci office for lost Civil Id , he paid 10 kd ,he got the tmeporary civil id paper for 60 days validity and he renewed his recidency for 2 years in pasport.what is the procedure if during that time he got the lost civil id . Even in this case he need to wait until 60 days for new civil id

  3. Romano san juan says:

    Its necessary to original passfort…can i give a xerox copy of passfort only

  4. Sagar Dessai says:

    Can u plz advise me on the following
    I have lost my civil id it’s prossible

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