Raila – The New President of Kenya?

Check out this goof up by CNN, stating that Raila Odinga is the President of Kenya.

Stupid Americans… you think that they’d pay a little more attention with their president being ‘HALF-Kenyan’.



2 Responses to Raila – The New President of Kenya?

  1. Yes, quite insane. You. Not the Americans. Stupid Americans? Half the news writers and news anchors on CNN are not even American. Kenyans don’t even seem to need Americans or anyone else to display buffoonery. I should know, I watched my fellow Kenyans milling around the Nakumatt Fire, then I watched them dying on TV in Molo. And Obama is not Half- Kenyan is he? He is more American than a few DNA strands can link him to Kenya. He is just the biological son of a Kenyan man.

  2. momoneymoproblems says:

    Haha Juliet, you’re quite the Captain Obvious.

    @ me being insane. Its in the name of my blog, but thanks for noticing. Don’t see how that quite ties in with the rest of your comment…

    @stupid americans in CNN. Well the writer may OR may not be an american, but somewhere along the line, someone who approves the article might be. So, he is guilty by association. Besides, CNN IS an AMERICAN company just like TOYOTA, though in Kenya, is JAPANESE.

    @Obama being half-kenyan. Notice the ”. It was meant to be in sarcasm, my fellow Kenyan. In sarcasm.

    Pity about Kenyans killing each other though.

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