Canadian gets scammed by 419ers

February 4, 2009
Douchebag in tears…
Douchebag in tears...

Check out this link showing how a Canadian, John Rempel,  got scammed by 419 conmen from Nigeria.

I really thought that people stopped falling for this years ago….

This douchebag must be really stupid..

Big-ups to Windsor Star for pics and story..


Raila – The New President of Kenya?

February 4, 2009

Check out this goof up by CNN, stating that Raila Odinga is the President of Kenya.

Stupid Americans… you think that they’d pay a little more attention with their president being ‘HALF-Kenyan’.

The world’s fate lies in the hands of the American People…

October 5, 2008

As many people accross the United States lie awake through sleepless nights of impending foreclosure, we, across the rest of the world, can only await the wave of financial doom to hit our front door.

I think that this crisis cannot come at a better time than it has.

I am truly sorry for many Americans who have put their blood and sweat into building a home for themselves only to lose it to this financial crisis.

However, the question remains: could this have been averted were it not for the billions of dollars pumped into unwarranted wars? Could this have been avoided if the outcome of the last presidential election was… different?

I think that this might be a great wake up call for America to sit up and rethink their ‘freedom’ and put their country in the hands of someone worthy of the challenge.

Whether we like it or not, the worlds fate is intertwined with the the US world’s largest economies.

America – for the sake of the rest of the world, vote smart.

In the meantime, all I can say is O B A M A, O B A M A.

Iphoney – Word of the day

July 11, 2008

With the release of the Iphone 2.0 today, no word of the day could be better fitting, or much cleverer!


A cell phone which copies the look and features of an iPhone.

Thanks urbandictionary!!!

For a look at more iphoneys, check out this link

Love All

July 7, 2008

Whoever watched last night’s Wimbledons mens Final must admit that it might have been the best match played in the history of the game.

It was action packed till the last second.  Although Nadal won well deservedly, he could have not lost to a better opponent than Roger Federer.

Hat’s off to Nadal for pulling off an unseemingly fantastic win and kudos to Federer for fighting back like a true champion.  Like a friend said to me last night after 7 odd hours of intermittent tennis between the rain, “these two have changed the face of the game forever”.

Insane Accident

March 12, 2008

Yesterday morning, there was a horrific accident on the Abu-dhabi-Dubai Highway resulting in a 300 car pile-up, at least 3 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Result of the crash was a heavy fog that was in the area, resulting in poor visibility.

Police blamed the accident on poor EXPAT driving among other things…..

God bless the people involved in the accident and their families


Iphone firmware 2.0 cracked even before it’s release.

March 12, 2008

The title about sums it all up.

My thoughts – why would you do that? Apple only has to delay release, fix the bugs that allow the exploit and release it.