Kuwait Loves Yoe!

February 18, 2008

This weekend past, I saw these little valentine gems being sold on the streets of Salmiya:




Kuwait – How-to-report a change in your civil Id. (Change of address, change of company)

February 12, 2008

Normally, if you change your company, the new company will be in charge of handling your ‘change in company’ for the civil Id for you. However, for the latter by Kuwait law, you are supposed to report your change of residence as soon as possible.

You will require – copy of passport, pics(just in case), Shoon(just in case for change of address, but mandatory for change of company), original passport, copy of company’s registration, new lease and old lease(if you are applying for a change of address)

Process is same as below. However, it takes only two days to pick up the new card. Also, when picking up your new card, just show the guard in the booth by the door your old card. He will scan it for you and tell you what machine to pick from. When you go there, put your old card in, pay the KD 2 and pick your new card.

Kuwait – How – to – apply for a civil id renewal if you lose it.

February 12, 2008

What you need – a copy of your passport, pictures(just in case), shoon, your company’s registration. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a police report to apply for the id if you lose it. However, I think it’s prudent to report it as lost just in case. (you can do this by going to any police station for your governate area, EARLY in the morning and fill out a report with the cop)

Go to the civil id office early in the morning again.  Get your ticket.

Once you are at the counter inside, tell the person that you have lost your id.  He/she will scan your passport for you and ask you to pay KD 10 for the new card. You also have an option to pay an extra kd to receive a new temporary sheet of paper that serves as your civil Id. ( I suggest that you get this because it takes 60 days to get a new civil id card. Also, this  sheet of paper shows when your civil id will be ready next).

When you go onto the PACI website after around 60 days, it will show you whether your card is ready or not.

When you pick up your civil id, it’s the same process. However,  you don’t have to pay KD 2 this time.

Kuwait – How – to- apply for a Civil ID card

February 12, 2008

Once your company has a stamped Iqama for you in your passport, you automatically qualify to obtain a civil id card.

You will require your shoon(which is a green slip of paper sort of like a job contract with your job title and your pay on it), a copy of the company’s registration, 12 civil id pictures(they have to be with a white background from a professional photographer), your rental lease or the lease of the renter(if you are living with someone) and  your passport. Make sure you have extra copies of everything just in case.

Also, bring a magazine/entertainment with you as you will be waiting long for your turn.

Go to the civil Id office in Salaam/south surra very early in the morning(Sun – Thurs). It is the only civil id office in the country, and for that reason it is full. Make sure you are there by 7 – 7.30. The hours for registering for your civil ID are from 8 – 12 noon

Go into the main building, walk through the seating area there and straight to the main window on the opposite end of the building.  Provide your passport to the gentleman and tell him that you are picking up your civil Id for the first time.

He will give you a ticket with a number on it. Find a place to sit in the seating area and just wait for your turn.

You will have to show your ticket to the guards and they will let you in when your turn comes.

Go to the counter that is displayed on your ticket and provide the person your information/paperwork.  That’s it.

It takes around 2 weeks to process the paperwork and obtain the civil id.

You can check the progress of the civil id here:  Use the number on your iqama in your passport. It is the same as your CID number.

Once it shows that your Id is ready, go back to the civil Id office. the pick up time is between 4-6 pm.

Go through the main doors of the building again, take a number from the guard at the booth on the right of the main entrance and wait for your turn or you could just go to one of the counters and show them your passport.  They give you a little card that you can then slot into the machine that your card is in. Pay the KD2 for the card into the machine.

Moan at how bad your pic looks.

Your civil id is ready.

Or  you could have a really good mandup who will do everything for you.

Kuwait Beauracrazy

February 11, 2008

I have had so much trouble and wasted time in dealing with the govt offices, partly due to the amount of different offices for different things and partly due to my inability to speak arabic that, starting tomorrow, I shall be posting how-to’s for people to get things done around Kuwait in terms of tasks dealing with govt offices, getting car registration, getting fingerprints, civil Id offices etc. Not everyone in the govt. offices has the right information and this often leads to misdirection. The govt. offices are open early in the mornings to noon, and often people have to take time of their working days to get things done, therefore even the slightest misinformation can lead to things getting carried over into the next day.

I shall be posting information for to help people get things done fast and in the right order. Remember, rules and regulations may change and this information may be relevant around the time of posting. Nonetheless, I am hoping that this information will be helpful to all.

Kuwait Mounties

February 10, 2008

Saw this on salmiya beach when we were trying to fly my sports kites. The horses were magnificent, but the police didn’t have any horse diapers. There was horse shit everywhere on the beach and on the walkway along the beach. Pretty crap deal for everyone around and esp. because cello bello crashed my kite right into a pile of manure. Thanks buddy!

Also check out the little kid by the horse. He kept on trying to get close enough to it to take a pic with it, but the horse kept on chasing him. haha


Pic taken with my SE S500i.

Gulf Insurance Company – The Debacle

February 5, 2008

For faithful readers that have been following my blogging, you may recall a post about K falling sick and me running around to alleviate her pain.

Well, since we are moving to Dubai, we decided to cancel her health insurance policy. Since we were going to Dubai, the paperwork and bureaucracy involved in maintaining and utilizing the policy would be too much of a headache.

I called up a chain of numbers to reach the right person(the correct number to cancel your policy is 2961554). Finally, after 15 minutes of being redirected I reached the right person(for your convenience, her name is Zaina. Ask to speak to her from the get go. She claims to be the only person handling this aspect of the business).

We had been promised a full refund of the remaining months, no strings attached, when we had signed up for the policy. To my surprise, Zaina informed me that this was not so. She said that a refund for the balance of the months would be issued ONLY IF NO CLAIM had been made by the policy holder. Otherwise, there would be no refund at all.

I tried arguing with her, telling her that the person involved, let’s call him Rabee(I believe he has now left the company. Most probably sickened by the under-handedness of the company’s policies), had promised us that we would get our money back should we cancel the policy, but she would not listen to us at all.

We had only visited the doctor once for ten minutes and it ended up costing us KD 180. We finally came to the conclusion that it would be better to keep the policy and deal with the bureaucracy than to lose the money and have no policy to cover us at all. The fact that the company refused to pay for an X-Ray in July, when we saw the doctor initially, should have raised a red flag for us.

Moral of the story – most insurance companies(actually all of the ones I have dealt with) are snakes. Treat them like you would a lethal cobra. With a stick.