Raid Your Waves

August 19, 2007

I recently installed showtime at my house. The service sucked so much I couldn’t see myself paying a monthly fee for the garbage programming. So I called up showtime, and luckily because of a glitch in the system, they hadn’t logged my account in their records. Jumping at the opportunity, I promptly cancelled the service without thinking twice as there was no cancellation charge involved.


Prior to installing showtime, I had looked around for the ‘undercover’ operands at Hawali to instal a hacked Satellite reciever that would unlock the encryption on the service from the Asian and European Subcontinents for me. I had previously got such a person to come to my house and check out the setup and give me a quote. But I had gone to showtime cos I felt bad and wanted to give them a chance. Unfortunately, Showtime had bitterly disappointed me. I found a guy in Hawali who could get the whole system hooked up for me for the price of two showtime monthly payments.

I’m actually thinking of taking on this offer…. hmmm….