2011 update

June 24, 2011

It’s been over a year since my last post.  A lot has happened since then. Still in Canada – busy working away, but we now have a little boy who is the joy of our lives.  He is 15 months old right now and growing fast! K and I are growing old! Our hands are full with him running around, he learned to situp, roll over, crawl and walk in the blink of an eye! He busily sucks up all the information that we throw at him and has learned to point and vocalize. Don’t have much time to do much with him around, and the blog is the last thing on my list of priorities.  It’s been a great year, full of fun and awesome memories. Hope that good things continue to come our way. And if you read this K – I love you. Thank you for sharing this with me.


MJLs guest spot movie review – [rec]

April 9, 2008

the rate at which the west now hijacks movie ideas from… well… everywhere else in world is astounding (india not withstanding of course). i will prove my point with only providing a short list from memory because any research otherwise would undoubtedly unveil so many films that the server of this blog would be overwhelmed with information. so here goes; oscar winner the departed from hong kongs infernal affairs, the laughable the grudge from japans the juon, the feeble pulse from japans kairo made only years before, and so on and so forth.

a new film on the chopping block to be butchered by a remake is the topic of discussion in this my latest guest spot movie review. [rec] is an independent film made last year in spain, which received numerous awards for best acting, directing, fantasy and audience jury selection. such impressive recognition went noticed immediately and generated interest in the north american production market for a remake. with no time wasted the immaculate [rec] will be released this year under a title and with a pathetic cast that i refuse to list so as to support the original as is deserved.

loyal readers of this blog (and here i refer to the host) will recall the blank of the dead review that i wrote a short while ago. being a zombie fan i had mentioned that this film was an abhorrent addition to the impressive body of work that includes the original …of the dead films and 28 days later amongst many others. in my opinion [rec] has effectively restored the genre. one might even be inclined to say that this film has brought back to life what was once thought deceased (sorry i couldnt pass up the opportunity).

on a serious note, this film is an experience, and one that will haunt you for days after. truth be told i am unable to recall being thrilled so thoroughly as i was watching [rec] and all without the lavish budgets and name celebrities that are so mistakenly thought to be the key elements of a successful film. so in place of the rating you would normally find at the end of a review i will simply recommend that you see this film in its original spanish before the north american version leaves you demanding your time back from the universe.

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MJLs guest spot movie review – the bank job

March 19, 2008

in this installment the focus of my efforts will be about jason stathams newest crime thriller the bank job. it seems necessary to admit upfront that i have no quandary with jason statham. i am of the mind that he succeeds in his caper niche and i need not look further than lock, stock and two smoking barrels and snatch to prove my point. i also recognize however that after the low caliber of film produced by the actor lately some might not be so forgiving. of course here i refer to the transporter, revolver, crank and war.

so in need of a rather thoughtless thrill this week i browsed imdb for the ratings of movies that i was interested in seeing. by no means do i consider these ratings the be-all-and-end-all of reviews, i nevertheless find myself interested in where the collective mind of movie goers rests. in this case the majority vote landed on 7.8 out of 10. sitting with this rating for a while i started to wonder if this could be the film that has lifted statham from the hole that he has dug himself into; and decided to chance the disappointment that could lay in wait. having seen the film i can comment unequivocally that alone it cannot set statham back on the road towards producing snatch like quality. however, as i sat in the theater, i thought to myself that this film could be a baby step on the way. of course that notion was ruined when i returned home to peruse imdb once more for up and coming projects that statham has in the works. sitting in front of the computer i could only shake my head in dismay at the titles before me; the transporter 3 and crank 2 amongst others.

the bank job is about a heist based on a true british story from the 1970s; a notion im pleased was stated in the beginning and clarified again at the end. how tightly or loosely based on reality i am unaware but the notion itself provided the movie with validity when the story started to wane or become convenient. i will only briefly mention, as to not spoil the movie for others, that a ham radio was involved in which a random listener happened to overhear important details of the bank job in question. (the type of voyeur who sits with a ham radio in order to listen in on others conversations is another issue altogether.) where such a plot twist would have normally caused me to roll my eyes the fact the story is based on true events had me instead believing that the wildest tales of fiction can hold no flame to those of real life.

my rating is about a point lower than that found on imdb. as for a crime thriller it was successful as a mindless escape. however, similar to my taste in literature, i tend to sway towards substance over style, and so my rating is influenced by the fact that i was more interested in the side stories than the bank job itself. the tale of the black panther rebel who held the british government captive, or the wayward royal who created the scandal in the first place, would have made for far more interesting films if true as this movie asserts. that being said i was in the mood for some gritty (yet forgettable) action and got what i wanted.

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the bank job

Quote of the day

February 11, 2008

Dance like it hurts, Love like you need money, Work when people are watching

I love it …!!

thank you cello bello for this nugget of useful advice!